Welcome to the Mattaponi & Pamunkey Rivers Association

What is MPRA?

The Mattaponi & Pamunkey Rivers Association (MPRA) is a broad-based organization dedicated to the protection of the two rivers region’s natural resources. Incorporated in January, 1992, MPRA was formed by a diverse group of riverfront property owners, long-time residents, and citizens new to the area.

What is the mission of MPRA?

The Mattaponi & Pamunkey Rivers Association is dedicated to the history, ecology, scenic landscape, recreation, and economy of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers. Our goals are as follows:

  • To stimulate citizen interest and involvement in resource management issues.
  • To increase awareness of local and regional conservation issues through education.
  • To protect the ecology of the rivers, natural areas, agricultural and forest land, and other area resources.
  • To preserve the historic and scenic qualities of the rivers and surrounding landscapes.
  • To promote responsible recreational use of the rivers.
  • To encourage development compatible with traditional land use patterns and a high quality of life.
  • To promote a constructive dialogue between governmental bodies, industry, and citizens.

Heron on the Mattaponi River - by Armistead T. Saffer Mattaponi River Raft Race at Walkerton Day on the Mattaponi River Seining the Mattponi River at Sandy Point - MPRA's River Day Bald Eagle overlooking the Mattaponi River by Armistead T Saffer